What is a compressed air dryer?

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An air compressor takes the surrounding air, named also ambient air, to produce compressed air. The ambient air can contain not only oxygen, but also other gases and vapour, especially in humid places. 

Vapour can have a negative effect on your compressed air system: it can cause damage to the pneumatic machinery and the air piping installation. In some cases, it can also contaminate the final product, causing issues related to the company’s image or the entire production’s outcome.
A proper way to avoid tons of products and damage to your company’s image is the usage of the dryer.

Type of dryers you can choose

Combined with the air compressor, a dryer is a useful machine that separates the air and the water. Dryers are available in different forms and sizes. When it comes to small-sized compressors, dryers are also integrated within the compressors themselves.

Based on its knowledge of more than 80 years within the compressed air industry, Ceccato’s dryers can be distinguished into two main types:

  • Refrigerant dryers remove water from compressed air by reducing the temperature
  • Absorption dryers rely on desiccant elements, specifically designed to absorb moisture, with the aim to eliminate water from air. 

Working principle of refrigerant dryers

Refrigerant dryers are based on a closed refrigerant circuit where a heat exchanger cools the entring air to decrease the temperature: in this way, the vapour condenses and collapses. Then the water gets warmer and warmer in order to avoid any presence of moisture within the compressed air piping system. The collected water drains from the dryer through a particular drain piping, according to a settle timing or the condense gauge. In this way, it avoids any loss of air.

The refrigerant dryer reaches the dew point in pressure (PDP) required for most of the applications, which need dried air and do not need any stop to be regenerated.

Improved rotary screw compressor technology

Working principle of absorption dryers

Absorption dryers are made up of two vertical cylindric vessels, so-called towers, connecting through a tiny tube and accessible by the inlet valve. The compressed air, coming from the compressor, enters the first tower where the desiccant element absorbs the moisture from the air: in this way, the compressed air is dried and, thus, it blows off.

In the meanwhile, the second tower is depressurized and the desiccants in it are regenerated since these elements can be saturated by water time after time. In this way, the desiccants maintain their absorption capabilities. When these elements are fully regenerated, the towers switch tasks, in order to guarantee continuity of the process. 

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