Advantages of rotary screw compressor types

When deciding on air equipment for your workspace, it’s worth considering a rotary screw compressor.

In our technical overview what is a rotary screw compressor?, we outlined the basic principles of how these machines work.

To help you choose the right solution, the following summary dives deeper into various options Ceccato offers. In addition to a quiet, efficient experience, our rotary screw compressors meet a wide range of needs.

Guide to air compressor cost factors

Variable speed drive

A Ceccato variable speed rotary screw air compressor does as the name suggests and offers flexibility in air supply to meet fluctuating demand. It does so by adjusting its motor speed to follow your air use as it goes up and down. The result: up to 35% energy savings. As energy takes up more than 70% of the cost of owning and operating a compressor, these savings quickly add up. That means that even though VSD compressors have a higher initial cost, their lower operational costs will allow you to recoup this extra cost very quickly. 

Ceccato VSD air compressors also work with our Econtrol 6i and ICONS systems. ICONS lets you know the current status of your equipment, helping reduce downtime. 

Fixed speed

If your compressed air use is continuous and stable, a Ceccato fixed speed air compressor is a good choice. A fixed speed compressor is always 100% on. As pointed out above, this can be wasteful if your air demand fluctuates. But if it doesn’t, a fixed speed unit will work just fine. Also, like all our solutions, these machines are designed for optimal reliability and maintenance.

Like our variable speed compressors, this equipment also works with Econtrol 6i and ICONS. Regardless of which air compressor you choose, you'll benefit from Ceccato's premium quality components.

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With this basic summary of various available rotary screw air compressor types, we hope you'll feel confident in choosing the right one. As always, our team is here to help you find a custom solution. Feel free to get in touch today.