Ceccato - DRF 340 HP IVR

DRF 270 – 420 HP IVR

Variable airflow for heavy sized manufacturers

Ensures optimal reliability and long life
Thanks to In-house Designed Components

Energy-efficient Performance
Recover energy and reduce operational costs.

Enjoy enhanced efficiency and cost savings.
With Increased FAD and Low Energy Consumption

DRF 270 – 420 HP IVR

DRF 270 – 420 HP IVR are ideal for huge production systems, which require high consumption of electric power and need more devices to produce compressed air. The integrated control system Econtrol6i lets you connect and calibrate up to six compressors, balancing working hours and optimising energy usage.

Thanks to the integrated energy recovery device, this range of compressors allows you to recover up to 75% of heat produced by the compressors. This additional heat can be used in other industrial applications, saving you money and driving your sustainability goals. The remote connectivity system ICONS, offers advance scheduling of your compressor maintenance and lets you monitor energy consumption in real time.

The DRF 151-220 HP IVR, a hallmark of Ceccato's commitment to excellence, embodies reliable and efficient compressed air solutions. With its robust design and advanced technology, this gearbox-driven oil-injected screw compressor sets the standard for high-performance operations.

Whether for manufacturing, automotive, or other industrial applications, trust Ceccato for dependable and innovative compressed air solutions.

Maintaining the DRF 151-220 HP IVR is a seamless process with Ceccato's comprehensive support services. Our commitment to reliability extends to our maintenance programs, ensuring your compressor operates at peak efficiency.

With a global network of authorized service centers and readily available genuine spare parts, you can count on quick assistance and minimal downtime, guaranteeing consistent, worry-free performance for your business.

With increased FAD and reduced energy consumption, this compressor is engineered to save you up to 35% on energy costs. It offers perfect air filtration and cooling, even in challenging environments.

The DRF 270-420 HP IVR is designed for diverse industrial applications, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and long service intervals. Explore specific applications on our website.

  • Optimal Reliability: Our in-house designed air ends ensure long life and reliable performance, even in harsh conditions up to 46°C.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Experience increased Free Air Delivery (FAD) and significantly reduced energy consumption for cost-effective operations.
  • Energy Savings: Achieve up to 35% savings compared to conventional compressors while enjoying high reliability.

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Ceccato DRF 270-340 HP IVR EN

Ceccato DRF 270-340 HP IVR EN
Ceccato DRF 270-340 HP IVR EN.pdf
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Technical details DRF 270 HP IVR DRF 271 HP IVR DRF 340 HP IVR DRF 341 HP IVR DRF 420 HP IVR
Motor power 200 kW / 270 HP 200 kW / 270 HP 350 kW / 340 HP 250 kW / 340 HP 315 kW / 420 HP
Pressure 4 - 13 bar 4 - 10 bar 4 - 13 bar 4 - 10 bar 4 - 10 bar
FAD* 10,260 - 34,260 l/min 11,760 - 41,520 l/min 12,480 - 39,180 l/min 13,800 - 34,060 l/min 15,720 - 52,320 l/min
Noise 79 dB(A) 77 dB(A) 80 dB(A) 78 dB(A) 79 dB(A)
Configuration on Base
Controller ES4000 Standard ES4000 Standard ES4000 Standard ES4000 Standard ES4000 Standard
Optional controller ES4000 Advanced ES4000 Advanced ES4000 Advanced ES4000 Advanced ES4000 Advanced

*FAD refers to 7 bar


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