Ceccato - Fonolife


Silent piston compressor in Ceccato

Visible Oil Monitoring
Transparent oil sight glass for easy checks

Component Accessibility
Ensuring hassle-free maintenance

Vertical Design
Optimizes space with its compact structure

Fonolife - Silent piston compressors

Fonolife’s vertical design ensures it takes up minimal space, making it ideal for indoor settings. Moreover, with its easy component access, maintenance becomes hassle-free. It's not just a product; it's a silent partner, promising reliability and performance.

Adapted to be installed in close environments, Fonolife can be installed directly next to the point of use, aiming to reduce the need for piping systems as well as to avoid possible pressure falls. These compressors ensure excellent performance at low working temperatures. Fonolife silent piston compressors operate at a lower rotation speed and they offer higher reliability and durability, thanks to its solid structure.

Fonolife, with its silent operations, is a reflection of Ceccato's commitment to technological innovation. It's not just about suppressing noise; it's about designing a compressor that integrates seamlessly into indoor environments, ensuring peace and productivity coexist.

Our relationship extends beyond the purchase. With Fonolife, you enjoy the backing of Ceccato's extensive support network, ensuring that your compressor always operates at its peak. From technical assistance to genuine spare parts, we are always a call away.

Fonolife is more than just a silent compressor; it's an investment in efficiency. By reducing noise disruptions and ensuring optimal operations, Fonolife aids in enhancing productivity, directly translating to savings for our valued clients.

Choosing Fonolife is a step towards efficiency and savings. With its unique design suitable for indoor installations, you minimize noise disruptions, reduce piping system lengths, and enjoy the benefits of a decreased pressure drop, leading to tangible savings.

Fonolife is versatile and ideal for a range of applications, including but not limited to, Air Water professional spraying, Hammering, Professional screwing and washing, Gravity painting, Impact wrenching, Rotorbital sanding, Polishing, and Sandblasting.

  • Compact Design: Vertical design ensures a small footprint, optimizing space.
  • Convenient Maintenance: Easy access to components ensures swift maintenance.
  • Clear Monitoring: Oil sight glass visibly positioned through the canopy for easy monitoring.

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Ceccato Fonolife Leaflet EN

Ceccato Fonolife Leaflet EN
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Technical details S4 S 5.5 S 5.5 X S 7.5 X S 10 X
Motor power 3 kW / 4 HP 4 kW / 5.5 HP 5.5 kW / 7.5 HP 5.5 kW / 7.5 HP 7.5 kW / 10 HP
Pressure 10 bar 10 bar 10 bar 10 bar 10 bar
FAD* 426 l/min 577 l/min 577 l/min 769 l/min 975 l/min
Size (LxWxH) 815x520x915 815x520x915 815x520x915 880x590x1200 880x590x1200
Weight 100 Kg 100 Kg 100 Kg 170 Kg 170 Kg
Noise 64 dB(A) 64 dB(A) 64 dB(A) 64 dB(A) 64 dB(A)

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