DRD 100 HP Ceccato

DRD 60 – 120 HP

Fixed speed at maximum power

Ideal to rigorous industrial demands, o   ensuring uninterrupted operations and peak efficiency.

Optimal Cooling: Equipped with high-capacity oil/air coolers.

Ceccato’s Signature Design: Featuring our in-house designed element.

DRD 60 - 180 HP

The DRD 60-120 HP series isn't just a product; it's our pledge to performance. Embedded with our in-house designed element and robust oil/air coolers, these compressors redefine efficiency.

Whether for large-scale industrial setups or specialized operations, the DRD series stands versatile, addressing varied compressed air requirements.

At Ceccato, we don't just create compressors; we craft technological marvels. The DRD 60-120 HP series, with its in-house designed element and high-capacity coolers, stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence, promising unparalleled performance.

Maintenance for the DRD 60-120 HP is effortless. Designed for convenience and supported by Ceccato's global network, expect swift assistance, genuine spare parts, and holistic support services, ensuring your compressor's long and efficient life.

Every facet of the DRD 60-120 HP is designed keeping your savings in mind. From our state-of-the-art components to our energy-efficient design, we aim to drive down operational costs, ensuring your business thrives. Experience reduced energy consumption and give your venture the competitive edge.

Optimized for industries requiring vast compressed air volumes: metalworking, paper manufacturing, textiles, and more. Trust Ceccato's DRD 60-120 HP.

  • Advanced Reliability: Our compressors promise dependable compressed air, thanks to high-performance components.
  • Efficiency in High Temperatures: Designed to operate optimally even at 46°C ambient temperatures.
  • Superior Particle Removal: 99.9% efficiency in removing solid particles as small as 3µm.

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DRD 60 - 120 HP - 50 hz - ASIA

DRD 60 - 120 HP - 50 hz - Ceccato ASIA
5 MB

DRD 60 - 120 HP 60zh - Ceccato ASIA

DRD 60 - 120 HP - 60zh - Ceccato ASIA
6 MB

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Technical details DRD 60 HP DRD 75 HP DRD 100 HP DRD 120 HP
Motor power 45 kW / 60 HP 55 kW / 75 HP 75 kW / 100 HP 90 kW / 120 HP
Pressure 7 - 13 bar 7 - 12.5 bar
FAD* 16,860 l/min 23,760 l/min 31,560 l/min 35,880 l/min
Noise 70 dB(A) 75 dB(A) 74 dB(A) 75 dB(A)

* FAD refers to 7 bar

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